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Swarm Retriveal/Removal

Do you have a honeybee swarm on your property?  Swarms of honeybees (as pictured) can be found throughout the spring and early summer, and are unlikely to survive if not placed in a hive. Our beekeepers are, understandably, very anxious to save these bees by collecting them (without pesticides or chemicals). If you see a swarm of honeybees, please follow the steps below:

Step One: Confirm you have Honeybees.  Take a picture of your swarm to share with the swarm coordinator.

Step Two: Contact our Swarm Coordinator, Paul Harris, at (508) 241-3575 or Have the following information available:

  • Address where the swarm is located.
  • Location of the swarm (in the bushes, on a tree or fence, in a house wall, etc.)
  • How high is the swarm?  Are ladders or other equipment needed?
  • Size of the swarm (softball, melon, basketball, etc.)
  • Time- How long as the swarm been there?
  • Contact Information- A PCBA beekeeper will contact you directly based on the location of your swarm.  

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